Drops of Love


2 red candles
2 pink candles
A mixing bowl
Rose petals-7
7 drops of love spirit oil
Attraction spiritual oil
Patchouli spirit oil
Love spell spirit oil
Rosemary spirit oil
Forget me not spirit oil
A mixing spoon


I am a full witch I know this works I have seen it done before, this will attract a lover to you.

Spell Casting

Draw a pentagram on the ground and put the candles on each side. Then light them, place your mixing bowl in the center and sit in the centre with the bowl and make sure there is water in it. Put 7 drops of the 7 drops of love oil in the bowl of water and then put your attraction oil in next. Add your forget me not oil and mix them together with your mixing spoon.

After that add your love spell spirit oil and mix them, then add your rosemary and patchouli and sprinkle your rose petals on top. After you mix them say this 10 times: "Gods and goddesses hear my plea, make true love come to me"

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