Female Breast Enlargement


Salt/chalk (optional)
A green candle
A partner, preferably male.
A waxing moon.


A spell that helps your breasts become fuller and more attractive.

Spell Casting

On a day that is close to the full moon, go out into a natural space with your partner, maybe the backyard or a clearing in the woods.
Ground yourself.
It is important for you to be naked. Your partner may be too, if she/he wants to.
Draw a circle of chalk/salt around yourself and your partner(if you wish). I usually draw one to protect myself from psychic energies that want to distract me.
Light a green candle. Invoke the Goddess and the Element earth.
Let your partner smear the honey from the raised part of your nipple till the edge of the circle in anticlockwise circles.
While she/he rubs, chant thrice,

"Goddess hear me tonight,
Under this moonlit night.
Make full my breasts
As you think best
Ask this, I of you
By the power of three
So mote it be"

After chanting thrice,let your partner lick off the honey. douse the candle. The spell can take anywhere between 3 days to weeks to take effect. outcomes depend on the phase of the moon, strength of intent and will.

Intent matters. So does concentration.

Caution: Do not try during waning phase of moon.

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