Communication with your Spirit Guide




This is a meditation/spell to use to communicate with your spirit guide.

Spell Casting

Once you're completely relaxed, visualize yourself walking down a street. The street splits off into two paths: one to the forest, and one to the city. Take the path to the forest.You enter it, and begin to notice the sensations of the forest. The liveliness, the flowers covering the grounds, the songs of the birds.

Start to notice a large body of water to your right, and turn to it. Before it, lays a circle of stones. Enter the circle. Once you have done this, you will feel peace. Bliss. You are happy. Close your eyes and bask in this warmth, and happiness.

After a few minutes, you notice a shadow hovering over you. Open your eyes. When you are ready to see, you will see your spirit guide. Connect to them, get to know them. At the end, thank your spirit guide for coming to visit you.
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