To Bond with an Object


A small object which you'll be able to have on you most of the time (it can be anything, but I'd recommend something like a necklace or keys that is easy to carry). I'm pretty sure what you chose symbolizes what you'll receive, but I don't have a list and I'm still not certain.


To bond with an object, preferably something small.

Spell Casting

A bonded object is an object that you have bonded with (duh!). It has a bit of your essence in it. From personal experience, it's been able to protect me from negative energies on several occasions, aid me in spell casting and much more!
1) Have your object on-hand. If you can wear it, put it on.
2) Hold it with your dominant hand and imagine a white light flowing between you and the object. Imagine the same color light swirling around you in a protective sphere, keeping out negativity.
3) If you would like to cast a spell, do so.
4) Imagine the connection still being there, but let go of the object, unless you must hold it to keep it on you, in which case simply move it to the other hand.
5) Move your dominant hand to your heart and move the white light's source from your hand to your heart.
6) Bring it upward to your brain So that there are two connections fusing together.
7) If you'd like, give your object a name. Say, "Thank you, (name/object). You are my friend."
8) Carry it with you every day for at least a month.

Warning: Make sure NOTHING HAPPENS TO YOUR OBJECT!!! My hopes are that it will only release the energy if it breaks, but I have a very bad feeling just thinking about the idea of mine breaking...If you think yours is going to break/tear/whatever soon, simply release or re-absorb the energy. That should prevent anything from happening or at least lessen the effects.

If it works: You should be able to feel it with you, even if it's not so long as you concentrate. When you are in the same room as your object but it's simply not on, you should be able to feel it without concentrating.

Personal experience:
As mentioned before, I had some pretty good results while using it. I stuck some thick string around my house key and made the necklace my object. I really only have it off when I'm in my home, since it's my key after all. I have a lot more good luck, protection, spell aide, and other things as well.
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