Invoke the Power of Three


1 red candle
1 orange candle
1 dark purple candle
A large, flat patch or dirt outside
Bayberry (dried)
Neroli (dried)
Samhain (dried)
Three silver robes
2 friends


The Power of Three is a natural force of magick; it has been there since the beginning of magick. It does not belong to any "path" or "side" (white, dark, elemental, etc.).

Spell Casting

Change into silver robes (wear no shoes). Go outside and cast a circle with your friends at the large patch of dirt. Place the candles in a triangle pattern at the center. Divide the circle into three parts (mentally) and place one of the herbs at the outer areas where the circle is divided (there should be a separate herb at each area (which should be just inside the circle))

Each person should each hold two lit matches and stand in a separate part of the circle (within the divided sections). The person from each section should take the match in their right hand and light the herbs to their right on fire then place the matches on top of the herbs when they light.

The person from each section should then take the match in their left hand (do not switch the match to your right hand) and light the candle in your section (the candle should be at the center in between the areas where the lines created by the herbs are) and then place the match in in front of the candle with the burnt end facing the left

Chant this spell 3 times in unison (unison = at the same time): "Hear now the words of the witches. The secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of Gods are invoked here. The greak work of magick is sought. In this hour we call upon ancient power. Give us your powers"
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