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Although it already sounds like a waste of time this allows you to think of a eye (preferably red) that allows you to instantly change how you look at something for example if somebody has pummbled you violently and you feel like there's no way to get back up and its over this is what your fate is you imagine the red eye and then you suddenly realise this is just a mere mortal the red eye is alot more dangerous than a punny human and so you would get up in that very moment with tears aside and do colossal damage to that foolish traitor this is great if your really strong in a nutshell this spell gives you immense confidence and extreme strength (basically pushing your human-self to its limits before you die with fear)

Spell Casting

as the summary says you should only do this if you're about to die if it were medieval times it would be a lot more useful but thanks to the world around us we now have guns and guns are just machines a war cry isn't pulling a trigger i felt as if i needed to add that anyways this spell allows you to push your body and soul to its highest limits just enough not to die by lets say stroke or heart attack none of that, this is white magic of course you have to be the type of person who wants to be a hero and destroy evil within your sight not embrace it that's how it works a red eye is a demonic evil eye and when it looks at you in your final phases of your life or whatever it makes you realise you want to kill that evil creature just looking at you because it deserves it then you look at the person in front of you and realise its just like that evil creature over there accept the same strength as yourself i think that's all that needs to really needs to be said and i do not promote harm this spell is made to defend yourself not hurt others unreasonably it is never to be used in training.
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