Magical Sign Animal


3 pieces of birch bark
Something to write on the bark with
Small stone


A spell to help find a lost animal. The animal is expected to find its way shortly after. From encyclopedia of 5,000 spells By Judika Illes.

Spell Casting

Write this message on three pieces of birch bark:

"I'm writing to the Forest Tsar and the Forest Tsarina and their small children. I'm writing to the Earth Tsar and the Earth Tsarina and their small children. I'm writing to the Water Tsar and the Water Tsarina and their small children.

I'm writing to inform you that insert your name has lost a insert color, gender, description insert type of animal including as much descriptive material as you feel is necessary to identify and distinguish your animal from other.

If you have him/her please send him/her back without delaying one day, one hour, one minute, one second. If you don't comply with my wish, I swear to pray and testify against you. If you comply with my wishes, I shall give you insert specific pledge."

Fasten one message to a tree in the forest. Bury the second in Earth. Attach a small stone to the third one and throw it into some living water.
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