Vampire Calling


A drip of your own blood
A candle
A crystal, preferably a moonstone (Optional)


If you are lucky and this is what you truly want then you will become a vampire over the coarse of the night.

Spell Casting

First off you need to get a drip of your own blood and squeeze it into the flame of the candle. Second, you need to place your choice of crystal directly in front of you. Third, you need to sit up straight so your energy can flow throughout your body. Now for the spell you must chant:

"Vampires of dreams, vampires of the night I ask that you satisfy my thirst to be one of your kind. I crave to be a blood thirsty creature of the darkness. I yearn for the day that you welcome me into your arms and I become one of you. If you grant me my longing to be a vampire I will forever be in debt to you."

Side effects include:

  • On and off cravings for blood
  • Your mouth may start to get sore
  • Weakness in joints
  • Moods may be heightened and might change erratically
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