Crystal Liquid (non toxic)


Stone of choice (be careful to use stones that don't dissolve or are toxic)
Clear container (glass bowl, glass cup, doesn't matter what color unless you want it to be color coordinated)
Water (can be filtered, tap, doesn't matter much)


This was originally called an "elixir", but I don't like using that word.
This is another way to harness and use stones/gemstones/crystal properties.

Spell Casting

Fill your container with water. Doesn't matter what kind of water. Plain tap water is just fine.

Make sure your stone is physically and energetically clean. You don't want to consume any dirt on the stone. Place your stone inside the container, and set it in the sunlight. If it is a moonlight stone, place it in the moonlight. Such as Moonstone/Celestite(Celestine). Let the stone soak in the water, visualize the energies of the stone being absorbed by the water, and place it in the sunlight. This is a double effect, where the stone is being charged, but also releasing its energies into the water.

I would leave it sitting in the sunlight for a few hours. That way you are sure it's effective. The longer it sits out, the more potent the water is. 

After it has been sitting in the sunlight, drink it. Let the effects take place.

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