Truth Syrum: for Enemies


Ground Cloves
Ground Coriander
Ground Cinnamon
A Coffee Filter
A piece of thread
A metal bowl
A wooden spoon

Ground red pepper
Garlic Powder
Whole flakes of Pepper
Ground Turmeric


Just like my truth tea, it will get you answers, but this version is specifically for enemies, and those with ill will.

Spell Casting

1. Brew a pot of water.
2. Mix the herbs together.
3. Pour them into the coffee filter.
4. Tie the coffee filter shut with the thread, and make sure it's tight. making a tea bag.
5. Put the tea bag into the bowl.
6. Pour the boiling water into the metal bowl.
7. Let it steep for 6 minutes.
8. Stir the tea with the spoon and say:
"Thou hath crossed me,
and caused me pain,
I look upon thee,
with much disdain,
Now I say,
this little extra trick,
shall bring the truth,
laid on thick".

Mix a tablespoon full into the person's food, and let the truth come.
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