Energy from the Universe Spell


Yellow, green, black, and white candles
White chalk
100% focus
Belief don't be sceptic


To get a boost of energy form the universe.
You need all the ingredients for the spell to work.

Spell Casting

Make sure it's night when you do this. With the white chalk, draw a big enough circle to walk in circles. Put four small circles at each end connecting with the big circle. Draw a triangle in the middle. This is where you will sit. Then put the four candles in the four circles. Put them in this order: yellow, green, black, and white. Light them all in the same order. The candles can be scented if this helps you focus. Next sit in the triangle. Visualize yellow energy flowing into you staying. Next visualize green energy flowing into you and staying. Next visualize black energy flowing into you and staying. Then the same with white. Do it in exactly this order.
Say: I ask of the universe to bind me with these energies. Yellow, green, black and white. So mote it be.

Then go to sleep and when you wale up in the morning, you will not feel a change, but your bound with the energies of the universe.
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