Quarts Healing


1 or more quarts
The light of moon/sun(optional)


Quarts are intune with healing gods and purity.They don't cost much as you can get some from local crystal and stone shops for as little as 5 dollars for a quarts piece.

Spell Casting

First take the quarts you have chosen and to get your vibrations intune with it rub it between two hands.You may also breath into your hands a couple times so your breath will act as water from your body because breath is a mist of vaporized carbon and water form your lungs.This will clean the crystal with your energy. Now if there is moon or sun light that comes through a window hold the gem up and allow the light to penetrate through it in every corner or cut in the gem.

All you have to do is roll it in different directions between your fingers to do this. Now as you do this chant "Oh beautiful gods and godesses hear me cry for your energies of healing.Inpower me through this crystal to do thine works of healing. Give healing life to this crystal.So mote it be" and now put the crystal to the middle of your forhead.

This is close to your third eye and think about what part of your or another persons body you want to heal.You will already feel a soft vibration of warm energy form the crystal. Now take the crystal and place it onto the skin of the area to be healed. Imagine and feel the energy and golden light come out of the crystal and envelope you or the person you are trying to heal.

Feel the love of the gods with in this energy. You should start to feel a warm feeling and it should start to work in just a couple minute as you are ingulfed in the healing light of your crystal. Be sure to thank the godesses and gods of healing when you are done.

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