Become a Pokemon Hybrid(Fake)


A picture or card of your chosen Pokemon
Writing Utensil


Spell to make you a Pokemon Hybrid.

Spell Casting

First, get the desired Pokemon Card or Picture. Then, take the paper and write the following on the paper. I will use myself as an example.
Pokemon: (Garchomp)
Moves: (Hyper Beam, Dragon Rage, Dragon Claw, Protect)
Other: (Mega evolve with Garchompite)
The Mega Ring or special stone will appear within 2 days. Once you have it written down, chant the following.
"Let my wish be granted, by Arceus himself. Let me fight my enemies, with the Pokemon's powers and crush them slowly one by one. What I wrote will be reality, for me and my benifits.
This is my will, so mote it be."
After a few days the Pokemon parts will appear.
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