Summon a Pokemon


An item to represent a type.


As the title says, this spell is to summon a Pokemon.

Spell Casting

First, draw a Pentagram with a Pokèball in the center. Then get the item(s) that represent the type.

Normal: Pokèmon game
Fire: Candle
Water: Water
Grass: Grass
Electric: Electronic Device
Poison: Drop of Poison
Flying: Feather
Dragon: Dragon figurine
Bug: Bug
Ghost: Pic. Of Ghost
Psychic: Pentagram
Ground: Dirt
Rock: Rock
Dark: Black Ink
Fighting: Weapon
Ice: Icecube
Steel: Metal

Put the item(s) on the Pokègram and chant this three times:

"May Arceus appear before me,
Let his his followers show.
Once I see the vision,
The one I love will come.
May Arceus Grant US happiness,
For all the years to come."
After, you should get a brief vision of Arceus and all 711 other Pokèmon. When you see your chosen Pokèmon, say:

"*chosen Pokèmon*, I choose you!"

It will take a week or two for your Pokèmon to arrive.

Signs it worked: You will dream of the Pokèmon, you will see it in the corner of your vision, you will see Arceus

You can't summon Fairy Types however, because they are new and only in X and Y of the Pokemon Universe.
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