Fire God Conjuration


4 red candles


A spell to conjure a fire God.

Spell Casting

Start by lighting the candles while you burn the incense and chant the following:

“Spirit of the Fire, remember! GIBIL, Spirit of the Fire, remember! GIRRA, Spirit of the flames, remember! O God of Fire, Mighty Son of ANU, Most terrifying among thy brothers, rise! O God of the Furnace, God of Destruction, remember! Rise up, O God of Fire, GIBIL in thy majesty, and devour my enemies! Rise up, O God of Fire, GIRRA in thy power, and burn the sorcerers who persecute me! GIBIL GASHRU UMANA YANDURU TUSHTE YESH SHIR ILLANIU MA YALKI! GISHBAR IA ZI IA IA ZI DINGIR GIRRA KANPA! Rise up, Son of the flaming Gisk of ANU! Rise up, Offspring of the golden Weapon of MARDUK! It is not I, but ENKI, Master of the Magicians, who summons thee! It is not I, but MARDUK, Slayer of the Serpent, who calls Thee here now! Burn the Evil and the Evildoer! Burn of the Sorcerer and the Sorceress! Singe them! Burn the! Destroy them! Consume their powers! Carry them away! Rise up, GISHBAR BA GIBBIL BA GIRRA ZI AGA KANPA! Spirit of the God of Fire, Thou art Conjured! KAKKAMMANUNU!”
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