My before Meal Prayer


Your voice
A meal
Good energy


This isn't really a spell but I believe it improves the taste and it is just nice to let the gods and goddesses know you appreciate them.

Spell Casting

Say this and focus on pouring your energy into the mean:

Wicca, Wiccan that's what i am.
Earth, wind, fire, sea, and thank you for this meal in front of me.
I ask the gods and goddesses to keep me plump and healthy and well.
I'll eat this food with pleasure and keep in close touch with the earth.
Thank you, and blessed be with the power of three times three times three!

If you want you can draw a pentagram onto the back of your left hand with your right hand. You can also replace "blessed be with mote it be"
or change it up to your liking ^.^
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