Harleen's Love Oil Formulas




A couple of formulas for some love oils.

Spell Casting

Reminder: candles need to be snuffed and not blown out. If you blow the candle out you are blowing your wish away.

Romance magnet oil

  • 2 drops ylang ylang oil
  • 2 drops sandalwood oil
  • 2 drops clary sage oil

To attract love, rub Romance Magnet oil onto a pink candle and burn the candle for 3 hours every day until someone makes an advance or love returns to you

Lover's Oil

  • 5 Drops rosewood oil
  • 5 Drops rosemary oil
  • 5 Drops tangerine oil
  • 3 Drops Lemon Oil

Lover's Oil may be used to enhance a relationship. Rub Lover's oil onto a candle and light it half an hour before you have arranged for your date to arrive.

Marriage Oil

  • 2 Drops Frankincense oil
  • 2 Drops cypress oil
  • 2 Drops Sandalwood oil

Marriage oil is used to reinforce a a marriage relationship. Whether the union is good or bad. It may also be used to steer a relationship towards marriage. Simply rub Marriage oil onto a pink or lilac colored candle and burn whenever you are with your partner.

Desire Oil

  • 3 drops lavender oil
  • 3 drops orange oil
  • 1 drop lemon oil

Desire oil is said to entice another to desire you. If someone already does, but needs a little encouragement, a red, orange, pink, blue, or white candle anointed with Desire oil should be lit while you two are together. If you love someone and they are showing no response, speak their name as you light a candle blessed with desire oil. Allow the candle to burn for two hours before snuffing it out. Repeat every day until they react favorably.

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