Grow Wings




Keep in mind that wings grow almost exactly like teeth, and by "almost" I mean "The only difference I can think of is teeth grow in your mouth in a couple weeks to a couple months, whereas wings grow out your back in a couple days to a couple years."

Spell Casting


"Wings sprouting out of my back,
I wish for a painless attack
As you pierce the skin to peek through,
Wings, I've been waiting for you

Please keep the blood in,
As much as you can
If you have to bleed,
I'd much rather that than
You not come at all;
I wish nothing more than to fly
My childhood dream -
To take to the sky

Please be quick;
Come in with haste
Strong enough to carry
Me and anything I case
I chose who of others can see,
The color of (color), so mote it be."

Note: You may feel pressure in your back after casting and/or pain while they're growing.
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