Harleen's Rusty Nail


1 Rusty nail
A hammer
A big piece of stone outdoors
An old piece of cloth
A stick


A rusty nail spell to overcome a stubborn person who is getting in the way of your happiness.

Spell Casting

Lay the nail flat on the stone and hit it three times with the hammer and say: "Be gone you stubborn ways. Make for freedom days, leave behind your pride, I am on your side"

Bury the nail in the earth and mark its place with a stick, repeat the spell words three times. Three days later dig the nail up, wrap it in an old piece of cloth, repeat the spell words three times, and leave the nail in its cloth in a high place like on top of a high shelf.

After three days, unwrap the nail, repeat the words, and throw the nail away while saying "You are gone, you are done. Stubbornness away, makes for better days"

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