Nail Polish Mermaid Spell


Full Moon
Nail Polish (the color you want your tail and top to be)
Bathing suit, any kind


This is my first spell so don't be mean if it doesn't work. You can change the color of your tail by removing the nail polish and applying new color.

Spell Casting

1. On a FULL MOON fill a bucket with salt, water, and 20 drops of the nail polish you want your tail and top to be. (20 drops because you have 20 nails, 10 on your toes and 10 on you fingers).
2. Mix that all together, and paint you finger & toe nails with the nail polish. Wait for it to COMPLETELY dry.
3. When it's dark outside, go out in your bathing suit, and dump the bucket on top of your head. Then, recite,
"Merfolk around all of the world, grant a wish to me. Let me be a mermaid with a (color of nail polish) tail and a scaley top to match, and a power that matches my personality. Without nail polish on my finger and toe nails in water, I won't have a tail. Let this spell prevail and when I have nail polish in my finger and toe nails water shall transform me. To the mermaid me. Merfolk all around the world, he my plea, grant this wish to me. So mote it be!"
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