How to Set Up an Altar


2 candles (I use electric because it's safer)
1 shell
1 pinecone
small stones
1 table (or any table-like thing to put your things on)
1 pentacle


(This might not be considered a spell, I'm not sure)In my room, I have an altar, and this is how I set it up, you can do it this way too, but you can do it however you want. I hope it's useful for you!

Spell Casting

1. Find a quiet space (possibly your bedroom). If you want you can use a small dresser, set up one candle/pinecone on the right (to resemble the god) and a candle/seashell to the left (to resemble the goddess).
2. Set up a small path-like array of stones between the candles/ pinecone and seashell. and down each side like a column.
3. Get your pentacle (if you don't have a picture or a drawing (it basically looks like a star), you can get a long chain/rope and make a star doing Cat's Cradle. (That's how I did it since I didn't have any pictures, but what ever works for you is fine).
4. If you have any spellbooks, you can put them on the side, along with any special items (pictures of family, heirlooms, little figurines, etc.)
5. Now you have your altar set up! (This is how I do mine, I don't have an inscence burner, so I didn't put that in.)
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