Seer's Potion


Thyme, basil and/or sage.
Water/rain water
Blood of you and/or seer.
Lid/something to use as a lid
Match/Lighter/candle (optional)
Paper (optional)
Pen/marker (optional)
Glass/ceramic bowl, etc (optional)


This spell is especially meant for seers (or psychics) that are able to see the past, present or future of themselves, someone else or an animal or item. This can be used for others as well. This spell allows the user to see a specific part of their future, or a general part. It's temporary. For those who are already seers, it's to boost them.

Spell Casting

Keep in mind, this potion is not meant to be consumed.nGet a jar or cup and pour rain water (recommended) or any water to where it covers the bottom of the jar or cup.

Focus on your energy, the energy from plants and the ground, and the energy from the universe as you are doing this spell, as you place each and every item in the jar feel as if you are covering it with energy.

Add 3 or 4 dried leaves. (Just get leaves and place them somewhere in your room, or something, and they will dry out. This may take a couple days sometimes.) Add a dry flower. To dry, do the same as the leaves. Everyone associates different flowers to different things. You can use any flower, or a certain flower that makes you think of a certain thing.

Sprinkle thyme, basil and/or sage. It's best to use all three. Add a drop of honey. Add a drop of blood. This can be your blood, a seer's blood (psychic), or both. Only a drop is needed. I do not support cutting.

(IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC QUESTION) Take a small piece of paper (about an inch or two width and length) and write your question. Write your question, then place it in a small glass bowl, etc (somewhere safe to burn) and light it. Let it turn to ash, and place the ash into the jar.

Now, place your mouth to the jar. You will whisper the chant as you focus putting your energy into the jar, energy from mother nature (plants and ground) and the universe as you chant the following three times or more.

"With herbs and spices
Placed in the witches brew,
A drop of honey
To show the witches truth,

Let the earth, the wind, the water,
Show me the truth,
Take this thick, streaming energy,
And drain it with the power of truth."

IF you had a specific question, and burned the paper and placed the ashes into the jar, then you will add "the fire" after the words "the water."

Place the lid on. If you do not have a lid, you may use plastic wrap/ tin foil and a rubber band or pony tail. What you do with the jar now is your choice. You may place it in a dark place, like a drawer, or under your bed. You may let it sit by the window at day or night, or even both. Some may place the jar under their bed, and let it sit under the moonlight for an hour, or keep it under their bed, etc.

You should be getting visions or even signs that tell you your future. Be sure to not mix up dreams with visions. This spell is often used for experienced seers that may have trouble getting a certain part of their future.
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