Alertness Spell


3 Yellow Candles
1 Small coin


An old Flemish spell for strengthening one's prowess and cunning.

Spell Casting

Sit at a table and place the candles and the coin on the table in front of you. Place the candles in small candleholders. Arrange the candles in a triangle with the one single candle nearest you and the other two candles furthest from you. Place a hair from your head on the table, in the center of the candles, and place the coin on top of the hair.

Light the candles.

Repeat the following words aloud or to yourself:

"Carrier of air and creator of the eleven winds

Bring me sight that I may see

Send your owl unto a tree

Let it listen to the leaves

And bring their message back to me".

Blow out the candles.

Take the hair and the coin and place them in a small envelope or wrap them in a piece of paper. Place the objects under your pillow for three nights. On the fourth night, bury them in the earth.
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