Bottle of Desire


1 blue candle
sandalwood incense
1 glass bottle
1 piece of white paper (large enough to write your wish)
sufficient water to fill the bottle two-thirds of the way


Also called, "the frozen bottle of desire", as it contains a wish or wishes which you must put on ice so that the forces of the Universe come to your assistance to concretize the wish or wishes.

Spell Casting

Begin by lighting your candle and your incense. While the latter is being consumed, write on the paper sheet your desire or your wish. Then insert it into your bottle. Fill the bottle with water, two-thirds of the way, while pronouncing the following incantation:

"I entrust my wishes with the forces of the Universe.

I put it on the ice and worry no more, because they are the ones different from me who shall offer it to me.

My confidence is in them and I thank them".

Stop the bottle with wax and place it in the freezer so that water becomes ice. Avoid thinking of your wish, but should it enter your mind, thank the forces of the Universe and quickly think of other things. When your wish is carried out, take the bottle and throw it away, without thawing it out and especially, without opening it.
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