3 Stones or Wooden Disks of equal size & shape
1 Candle of Green, Yellow, or White
Allspice Incense (Optional)


This spell includes Elder Futhark Runes and Candle magick to bring forward Wealth, Luck, & Abundance with simple charms to be carried with you.

Spell Casting

I wil give you a link to information on Elder Futhark Runes that will be helpful to make the charms needed for this spell it will be at the end of this message.

Take the three stones or wooden disks and paint/write/carve the Elder Futhark Runes of *Fehu* (for wealth, money, financial strength, prosperity, luck, & abundance), *Uruz* (pulls energy together, strength & power, increases business opportunity, physical health, manifestation, formation, luck & sudden changes), & *Wunjo*(harmony of forces, effortless ease, fullfilment, prosperity, binds energy fields together) these will be the charms. The symbols will be with the information in the link on runes below, and you just need the three I listed above~

Once you have your runes collected & scribed, collect one candle of *Green* (good fourtune, money, wealth, & success), *Yellow* (fast luck & money), or *White*(anything), or one of each for a total of 3 candles. Now you are ready to create your space, you can make a circle if you like, but isnt 100% needed. Just have a quiet spot to work this spell where you wont be disturbed will be fine.

Place your one candle in front of you, or line all 3 canldes in front of you.  Line the 3 rune charms in front of the candle(s) in front of you. You can now start the allspice insence for added money & luck, and will increase the spells potential but sence its optional you dont need this step. Now Light the candle(s) and meditate a few moments on exactly what you want and the outcome happening successfully. Then chant:

"Money Come,
Poverty Go,
Make Funds Abundant,
Let the Wealth Flow,
Mighty Runes Help Focus Thee,
To Bring Me the Fullfillment of
Luck & Prosperity"

Let the candle(s) burn completly out behind the runic charms before touching them so they have the chance to pull all the candles energy. Once candles are completly extinguished, you can place the runes in a safe place or carry them on your person. If you made a circle to preform this spell you will need to close the circle uppon completion of the steps, you can even close the circle before the candles go out if your candles burn for a long time, I would use small candles that burn in less time to make the ritual less time consuming.
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