Change Part of your Body


1-3 Red Flowers (can be anything)
5 Pink/Red Candles
2 Blue Stones (can be anything)


Really hate your body, if its imperfect, useless, and ugly?

Spell Casting

Sit down cross-legged. Put the stone below your body. Put the flowers behind you. Put the candles circling you. Light the candles and say : "Goddess of Body, give me body as what I want!"

Draw your body and the part of body you want to change and draw it will become! Visualise and say : "Goddess of Body, I call thee. Give me the part I want, change or remove to what I want, honor for you I give, So mote it be!"

Can be changed to animal form, animes, monsters, dragons, dinosaurs, part or not. It's all about you!
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