Koi's 8 Day Wish Spell


8 days
8 nights
Tape (optional)


Make your wish come true in 8 days!

Spell Casting

On the first day, write your wish on a piece of paper. Then when it comes too 11:11 (does not matter if it is day or night) and hold up the paper to a mirror as you say this chant:
` Wishing well, can you tell?
Guide my soul, my wish be told,
Make my wish come true.
So mote it be.`
Each night for 8 nights, tape or hold up the paper to a window (on the inside) and expose it to moonlight for 30 minutes. Keep it there for a hour if it's cloudy.

Do this again each night. If you forget a day, when you go to expose your paper to the moonlight, keep it there twice as long. (2 hours for cloudiness and 1 hour for not cloudy)

Note: This is one of my more difficult spells, you MUST either go all 8 days and night or make missed days up or IT WILL NOT WORK!
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