Complicated Fairy


Flower petals
Warm Water and regular tap water
Bowl or cup


This is a spell that I made with every ounce of faith and belief and magic in my body to become a fairy.

Spell Casting

First what you need to do is to grab a clean cup or bowl. Then you need to add, in this order, a teaspoon of sugar ( as exact as possible ), 1/4 cup of water ( use the warm water ) and stir until sugar has dissolved. Here is where you need to get the cinnamon. Sprinkle in 1/2 tsp. while thinking about what your wings will look like. Try to sprinkle slowly so you can imagine every detail. Mix until dissolved.

Now I will explain why being outside, having a candle, having flower petals, and having that extra water is for. The candle is if you want to be a fire-element fairy. You will have control over the attributes of fire such as: creating fire, controlling heat and controlling the fire itself.

The extra water is if you want to be a water-element fairy. You will have control over the attributes of water such as: controlling water, creating moisture ( this is like making the water in the air more dense or less dense. There is also a sub-element to water. If you add ice cubes you will be able to cool the temperature of water and control ice. ).

Being outside is if you want to be a air-element fairy. You will have control over the attributes of air such as: controlling the wind. ( This element makes your wings a little stronger than others, causing you to fly slightly more efficiently than others ).

The flower petals are if you want to be an earth-element fairy. You will have control over the attributes of earth such as: making plants grow. ( There is a sub-element to this. If you put the flower petals in a small container or vase and add some soil, you will be able to control earth. Not the planet but soil and dirt ).

After you have finished the sugar/water/cinnamon mix and have chosen your element, place your symbol in the water mix and cover your symbol with your right hand. Then take your candle/water/petals and put your left hand over it/ in it. For water and petals put your left hand in it. For fire put your hand close, but not so close that your hand catches fire. If you choose to be an air fairy just raise your hand to the sky.

Once that has been done say this spell once if you wish to become a fire fairy, twice for water fairy, three times for earth fairy, and four times for air fairy:

"Fairies in forests from far, and wide,
I beg of you to please abide.
I wish to be a fairy, flying in the sky.
A tiny fairy,
With my beautiful wings and fairy dust.
Flying high"

After saying that the appropriate amount of times, grab the water mixture with both hands and drink it all. If mixed correctly there should be no extra sugar or cinnamon. Take your symbol and put it on. Do not take it off until the appropriate time has passed. 1 month for fire, 2 months for water, 3 months for earth, and 4 months for air.

After that time say these words: "Fae I Am." Once said your wings shall appear on your back. No special outfit. To return to human form say: "Human I Am."
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