Dragon Force *Tested*


3 (Element) Candles
3 White Candles
Voice, Belief, and Concentration


This new spells I have created maybe new! I already tested this and worked!

Spell Casting

• Sit down cross-legged
• Circling your 6 Candles (zig zag pose)
• Concentration and say :
"Oh, (sky/fire/water/earth/etc) dragons! Hear me and come to me! Let me have your force! This is my skill and I give you thanks for giving me if you want! So please let I have it!"
• Turn off the candles and hide them!
• Do it per 3 days and after 10 times doing this. Do it every 7 days for fully forcing skill!

*** How to do & use ***

• Just concentrate, eat, or breathe the element you have! And concentrate your dragon force to your body, so it can fully renew your body to be stronger!
• If you says, "Dragon Force", It can help to renew your body!
• All of this will take fully effect after doing this 3 times!

*** List of Skills Gained ***

• Sky Dragon : Higher speed, higher regeneration, higher agility, but lower defences
• Fire Dragon : Higher attacks, but lower agility
• Water Dragon : Higher agility, higher ability, but lower defences
• Earth Dragon : Higher defences, but lower speeds

*** Side effects ***
Feels like be stronger

Contact me for more dragon's elements! Or if you need the infos! (wmarvell007)
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