Levitation Spell (Real)


1. A towel.
2. A friend or family member.
3. A Glass Bowl (Optional if levitating an object.)
4. The object you want.


This will make you, your friend, or an object levitate. But be warned, if your friend or you gets high enough, you may damage your back if you fall. Do not do this when other people are around.

Spell Casting

(This is for a person levitation.) Put the towel down, have your friend lay on it. Place two fingers on each temple on your friend's head. Both of you take a deep breath then chant this 3x:

Goddess of Flight, Goddess of Air,
Leave us floating in despair.
Grant our wish so mote it be,
Bring levitation to her(him)or me.

(This is for the object levitation.) Fold the towel into a square. Then put the bowl in the center. Put the object in or on the bowl. Place three fingers on the bowls edge and chant this 3x:

Object of insanity,
Bring flight forth to you for me,
Hear my cries and my needs,
For the power of air and eternity.

If this does not work, message me, hopefully we can work something out.
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