Gift of Nature


A plant of your choice


This spell is simple yet holds great power, this spell will give the caster a deeper atonement with nature by letting ones soul bind to the selected plant.

Spell Casting

Powering your water:
To power water you must first purify it and add a small amount of salt, then leave outside in either the sun or the moon depending on what atonement you want your water to have.

Casting the spell:
Go to your outside area and place your bowl on the ground, place your solar water to the left of the bowl and the lunar water to the right. place your selected plant in the bowl and fill half the bowl with your solar water, then say

"By the sun I bind my mind to this plant, may it live with me in my thoughts." then pour the lunar water into the bowl to fill it and say "by the moon I bind my body to this plant, may I feel the slightest pain and the largest joy."

After this take your selected plant out of the bowl and pour the water into your whatever you are drinking from and say "by the earth I bind me as a whole to this plant, may I drink from this (what you are drinking from) and empower myself in nature." then drink the water and meditate on your new found atonement with nature.
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