Bedtime Barrier


Lavender candles two or more
Sage Incense or dried sage to burn
Quartz crystals or quartz stones


Cast a protective shield of magick around your bed to keep you safe from harm as you sleep . works for one night this barrier can also be cast to protect you for different reasons not just while you sleep.

Spell Casting

Can be cast during any moon phase
(best on a full moon)

Light your incense cast your circle
(by Danu Greywolf)
Goddess Diana Mighty with both love and bow
Protect me now in my time of need
I am troubled and filled with pain
I call to you as your child , fill me with courage
To face my fears and be victorious
Mother Diana
Protectress of her daughters
Infuse my spirit with purpose and valor
As I will it
So mote it be

Light your lavender candles
Hold the stones and crystals in your hands or lap and say
Goddess Diana with moon and bow
Abolish this evil flow
Keep it from my body and soul
Protect my dreams throughout the night
Shield me with a sparkling light
So mote it be!

Release your circle
Put the quartz stone/crystals around your bed or the area you want the shield to be

Let your lavender candle(s) burn throughout the night if they still burn in the morning blow them out to release the spell
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