Money Amulet


1 Small green pouch; preferably opaque.
A small amount of dried basil.
A small amount of cinnamon.
A small amount of Rosemary.
One magnet.
3 Green candles.
4 Copper coins.
Frankincense or patchouli incense (optional).


A small herbal charm to attract money into a home or business.

Spell Casting

If the money spell is for business, cast it on a Wednesday. If it is for your own wealth in the home, cast it on a Thursday. The moon should be in its waxing phase. Of course one could ignore this information and continue anyway.

The herbs should be on your altar ready as wells as the candles, coins, magnet and incense.

First gather your materials and create your sacred space using a technique you are familiar with. Call upon a being you trust, or one associated with wealth and prosperity, such as Mercury (especially for business), Lakshmi, or perhaps Jupiter.

Pick each herb up in turn and visualise yourself happy, surrounded by wealth and positivity. You may wish to use a symbolic image such as you smiling surrounding a lake of golden coins. Say "(Insert deity name) I ask thee to grant me wealth" at least four times, preferably more- treat it like a mantra to aid the visualisation. Place each herb in the green pouch.

Pick up the magnet, imbue it with your energy, and visualise yourself as the magnet. Know it represents you and your own personal magnetism, your own attractive nature. Then visualise the money come to you once more, whilst picking up the copper coins with the magnet. Place it in the bag. Shut the bag.

Now place the candles in a triangular shape with the apex pointing away from you. Place the bag in the middle. Light the incense. Now you are going to stare intently at that bag and visualise what it is you desire. Blinking as infrequently as possible- but do not strain yourself.

Take a few deep breaths and visualise as before. Repeat the mantra youu used before or a new one. You may imply wish to use By the power of (deity) money comes to me." Do this until you feel it has been done enough.

Snuff out the candles and incense....or leave them to burn with the bag still in the middle. It is up to you. Afterwards thank your deity and take the bag. Either hang it at your front door, place it in your bag, carry it around, take it to your business, or whatever else seems appropriate.
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