Paper Star Wishes


Small Glass Bottle, with a Cork
Paper Stars, color of your choice
Glitter (Optional)
Small Slip of Paper


A cute little spell for making wishes.

Spell Casting

1. Make as many tiny paper stars as you would like, just make sure they fit in the bottle! I like to make the stars with paper the color I associate with my wish. So if you associate yellow with creativity, and your wish is to be more creative, then make the stars with yellow paper!

2. Write your wish on the small slip of paper. You may have to write with a fine tip pen so it will all fit.

3. Add the stars and the small slip of paper to the glass bottle.

4. Add glitter if you'd like! You will be carrying this wish bottle on you, so you may as well make it cute if you want.

5. Seal the glass bottle with a cork. You may have to glue it.

6. Hold on tight to your wish bottle and think about your wish. Think about how happy it makes you! Think about it as if your wish has already come true. Feels good doesn't it?

7. Carry the wish bottle around with you until your wish comes true!
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