Dragon Energy Stone


An average sized stone
Boiling Water
Soil or ground


A stone filled with dragon energy which can be used to increase fighting ability and give you the will and power of dragons.

Spell Casting

First take your stone and cleanse it by washing it in cold water. Next cover the stone in leaves and bury it in the soil/ground and leave it buried for 1-2 days. Then dig up the stone and rub it in ash and sugar before leaving it in a dark place for a day.

When that day is up, either cover the stone in oil and set it alight for a 5 mins, or use the fire to heat up the stone for 5 mins. Finally, get your bowl/mug of boiling water with your Iron and Crystal in it and add your stone.

Add the lavender then leave for a night to go cold. After this you have your stone the chant this three times: "Dragons of the Fires, Water, Earths, and Winds. Give me your power to be stronger, Knowledge to be smarter and speed to be faster. Give me your will, your strength, your speed, your soul, your power and your energy. For whomever may possess this stone, shall be able to use your energy for whatever the wish. So Mote It Be! so Mote It Be! So Mote It Be!"

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