Muscular Chest




Gives your chest a more muscular and defined appearance.

Spell Casting

Take the clay and form a strong masculine chest. It doesnÂ’t need to look realistic; it is a symbol, and not the image of what you will look like afterwards.

Place the clay on a pile of sticks and twigs. Light the pile on fire and as it burns say the following chant:

From the clay the image burns,
To the ashes, the world urns;
For my image to come new,
And my body to be true;
A stronger chest means better man.
And through the magic, ashes fan.

Repeat it until the flames are all gone and the dying embers can be picked up. Pick up the ashes in your hands and rug them into your chest. As long as these magical ashes are on your chest your chest will continue to become more masculine and defined.
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