To Conjure Up a Lover


1 Red Jasper stone
South wind
1 piece of paper
1 Red pen
1 Small fire burner (or bonfire, or 1 Red candle)
1 Spell box [secret box where you keep magickal items]


"This incantation will come in very handy if you do not have a lover, but want one to hurry into your life." - Marina Medici; "Good Magic"

Spell Casting

This incantation is from the book "Good Magic" by Marina Medici.

"This incantation will come in very handy if you do not have a lover, but want one to hurry into your life. As this incantation is quite forceful, you must expect a stormy scene to present itself to you! Be careful though, not to be tempted to use this incantation on an old lover who perhaps for the time being is happier doing other things than being with you. Manipulating people and events, whether you do it by magic or not, is always something you are going to be sorry for, sooner or later. You might argue that you are already sorry now, and that the magic might relieve your depression. In this case you can do an incantation to relieve your sadness or grief, and wait to see what existence has in store for you. If you do magic to control someone, you might be relieved at the moment, but will be all the sorrier later on. Never misuse magic!

For this incantation you will use the red jasper: the stone of love and passion. It does not matter what time of the day or night you choose for this magic, but it will be good to wait for a hot south wind to blow. Prior to performing the magic, write this ancient spell on a piece of the appropriate paper which you keep for this purpose, with your special pen:

In three days

and three nights,

at this hour come.

Love come to my bidding.

Come in the red

amber of flame.

Come in the full

flooded moon of night.

Come to me in the

silent time of waiting.

Come on the violent

wings of tides.

In three days and

three nights,

at this hour,

to my bidding, come.

Keep the paper and the red jasper with you, cleanse and dress yourself and call the element fire. Hold the stone so that the light of the flames in the burner (or bonfire or candle) are flickering on it and warming up its spirit. Read the spell aloud, as you focus your total attention on the words you are saying. Having done that, place the spell together with the stone in the spell box, and leave it there undisturbed for a whole moon cycle. By the time the moon is back to the same position, a love will have entered your life."
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