Strengthen your Relationship Spell


1 red candle
a piece of paper
your name and your partners name
and a pen or pencil


A spell to make your love life more passionate and more lovey dovey.

Spell Casting

Take the piece of paper and write your name and your partners first and last name on the paper.
Light up the candle while writing the names.
Next concentrate on what happen in the relationship between the 2 of you. (like the hugging or kissing)
Then think what you want to happen like more passionate kissing or more more hugs from them or even saying romantic thing more often.
Now take the paper and while burning it say out loud
"With the love between us as the way it is, I wish for the romance to blossom like a rose in the day, let the love grow as I may so let it become true as it may so mote it be"
Now just blow the candle out and thats it.
You may wait for a while before results happen.

Message me if it works.

Thank you!
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