Power Charm


An amulet or a piece of jewellery
A piece of paper
Something to write on
(optional) Water


Hello witches, Ravensky here and welcome to another spell to get all the powers you want through an amulet or a piece of jewellery.

Spell Casting

Step 1:

Write all the powers you want in the piece of paper.

Be sure to believe that you are able to use the powers you want, too (The spell will work most effectively if you want 30 powers or less).


Step 2:

Wrap the amulet/piece of jewellery with the piece of paper, and whisper the powers you want to the amulet/piece of jewellery.

It doesn't have to completely cover the piece of jewellery, and you must whisper all the powers you have written in the paper.


Step 3:

3A (If you have water)

Dip the amulet/piece of jewellery into the water.

Leave it for 13 days, never touching it.

3B (If you don't have water)

Place the amulet/piece of jewellery somewhere that sunlight and moonlight can reach.

Also leave it for 13 days, never touching it.


Step 4:

In the 13th day...

If it's an amulet, keep it with you.

If it's a piece of jewellery, wear it immediately.


Good luck and Blessed be!




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