Full Moon Candle Charge


2 white altar candles
The candle you want to charge
Crystal (optional)


Charging candles for rituals and spells on a full moon.

Spell Casting

Set up your altar if you have one other wise its fine. Work infront of a window. Place your 2 altar candles one on each side infront of you , place your candle that needs charging in the middle put crystal infront of candle and light the two altar candles and chant:

"Thou moonlight brighten by thee hour,
Bless my candle give it power.
I ask of you oh goddes of nightlight,
Let it be heard lend me thou might."

Now light the candle and chant:

"Light burn strong and bright
With power of moonlight
Where thou are cast
This spell shall last
This is my will
So Mote it be !

Now blow out candles and medatate the moon as a big white sphere and then visualize it moving into the candle

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