Make him Love You


Candle (any)


Make him love you

Spell Casting

1. Write down on the piece of paper your loves name and a love heart under it.
Note:Please make sure that is the RIGHT choice.

2. Fold it once and place it in the envelope.

3. On the envelope write down secret in big writing.

4. Place it somewhere safe.

5. Everytime your love talks to you, on that night, take your envelope and light up a candle.

6. Hold the envelope and think of you love when he was talking to you, while thats happening, on the edge or corner of the envelope, place it the the fire (only a bit), and let it burn a little.

7. Do that everytime he talks to you.

8. When it gets nearly to the end of the whole envelope, burn the whole thing.

9. The next day, he should probably just admit that he actully likes you. It should work.

Thank You.
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