To Summon The Fae Queen


Tree (best kinds are :cherry blossom, bonsai, or a tree that looks like it has a door but any tree will work)

Peanut butter


Will Power



This can be a bit tricky and doesn't work all the time, but if you have a stronger will power the summoned queen will have a better bond with you.

Spell Casting

First, find a tree in a forest. If you have a bonsai grove near you you can go there, but you can not use a bonsai purchased at a florist, it must be in the wild. Next select the type of fae queen you wish to summon.
Offering List

Ice, Ice cube
Fire, Match
Light, Pastel Colored Candle
Nature, Nothing
Dark, Something of a deceased loved one

Then place your offering ( if it's an ice cube place it in a tub-a-ware box.) and the peanut butter and honey in front of the tree and wait. If you see that it is gone then the queen has accepted your offering and will be with you to protect and help you. Unless you have second sight, you cannot see the fae queen
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