Power Stone Enchant


- Pure Focus
- A rock of any shape or size
- Reserve power


Use basically take a rock of any shape or size and focus all your energy into it.

Spell Casting

So now that you have a rock of your choice you wanna wait till you have alot of free time depending on how much energy you want going into this thing. Next just basically focus all your energy with in a meditative stance. Then now you need to focus that energy into a ball of light between your hands that are now cupped together abd force that energy in one spot within you and hold it there for now. Now take your rock and hold it like you was holding the ball of energy. Force that ball of energy into the rock until you have almost been depleted of energy that way you l eave some for yourself not to pass out. Now you have a Power Stone and this can be use if you feel that you are low of energy of you need alot at one time for a spell or ritual. I sujest useing more then one rock and that you keep it in a safe place for when you need it. Rocks from the driveway are fine, but useing a more unique brand of pebble might work better.
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