Strong Healing Spell


Small square of white cloth
Bay leaves(for strength)
Carnation petals
Mint(for vitality)
Sea salt(for cleansing)
Tiger's eye stone(for protection)
Holy(or Pagan holy)water
Incense(white sage if possible)
Two white candles


This spell works incredibly well, and if you keep up with it I have full confidence whomever you are trying to heal will feel better than they have in years, no matter the illness. I made this spell myself for someone very dear to me who was dying of cancer.

Spell Casting

Meditate beforehand so that you feel strong enough to do this spell. It will take a lot of energy. On the white cloth, write the name of the person you wish to heal and draw the Eye of Horus. If you don't know what that is, google it. Cast your circle(if you choose to do so) and spread out the cloth on your altar. Around it place the holy water, earth, incense, and one candle, to represent all of the elements. Keep the rest of the ingredients close at hand.
As you say the following words, slowly add a little of each ingredient onto the white cloth, in no particular order, until you feel that the cloth has enough.
"It is with love in my heart,
That I call upon every force I've come to know,
Water, fire, Earth, and air,
The God and Goddess,
The powers within myself,
And the powers within (name of person)
Help him/her to fight his/her obstacle,
Make him/her healthy as he/she ever was,
This is my will,
So mote it be."
Tie up the ingredients in the cloth to make a sachet. Charge it for as long as you can with healing, positive energy, and leave out under moonlight every night, and recharge it every night before bed, or more if you need faster results. Once the person is healed, bury it and something else(whatever you decide) as an offering and a thank you to all the forces that helped you.
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