Bleeding Bones


Person's Name on piece of paper.


This spell inflicts pain, lots of it. Scratches will appear, hurting 3 to 4 times more than they normally would.- Use with caution, lasts a few weeks. No reversal

Spell Casting

Just so you know this is meant to be a punishment spell, for serious deeds. These are my own spells,I'll know if their true purpose has been betrayed. Then I'll cast the only spell I know I will never post on whoever does. If a person cheats on you fine, I'd prefer you use a kinder spell if you didn't really truly love them. If you need advice ask, I may give you your own spell to use.

Place paper in front of you, place hand on it. Recite.

"Blood boils, blisters, cuts.
Headaches, bruises, and stomach pains.
Let my magic bring harm,
To the one who has harmed me.
Gashes, scratches,toothaches.
Broken bones, and shattered dreams.
Let their cruelty to me, manifest physically.
Blood, pain, from unknown place,
Befall them now, deliver my revenge."
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