Clover Luck


Need ceramic pot
Small bunch of clovers
Match or lighter
Your favourite incense perfume


Use clovers to bring luck to you.

Spell Casting

First put all but one clover in the pot. pour a few drops of perfume or incense on the clovers in the pot , drop the last clover in the pot and set it alight make sure all the clovers are burnt put the ashes in a small bag and carry with you this will work better depending on how great your need for luck is .

If you would rather instead of ashes and one separate clover use an object that holds good memories leave the object in thrashes to as long as you like the longer the better and keep it with you if you lose it or leave it else where the spell will wear off and you won't be able to use that item for this spell again !

Also to have a spirit bless the item tell the spirit the good memories you have with the item or why it is precious ( you don't have to say it aloud if you do not wish to )
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