Finding Your Element


A candle (Fire)
Soil (Earth)
Water (Water)
Ice (Ice)
Moon (Spirit of moon)
Sun (Spirit of sun)
A dark room (Shadow)
A bright place (Light)
A Yin-Yang symbol (Balance)
A small animal (Death)
Food (Life)
A shock pen (Electricity)
Your friends (Love)
A pentacle (Magick)


Are you wondering what is your element and how you find yours? This is an idea for you! This may take some time to find.

Spell Casting

Here is how to find your element(s)

Just look above you. If there is wind blowing, even a little, then this is yours.

Light the candle, and stare at it. If you see your friend's future, then this is yours.

Stare at the soil. If the soil moves to your direction, then this is yours.

You will be able to smell, hear, and see the true colour of the water.

When you stare at the ice, the ice will break.

Spirit of Moon
You will be able to see spirits near the moon at night.

Spirit of Sun
You will be able to see spirits in the daylight.

Go into the room. You will be empowered when you're in the room.

You will be empowered when you're in daylight.

Stare at the symbol. You will automatically visualize the symbol is moving.

The animal will die when you touch it.

Almost all of the animals will come to eat your food.

If you have a few or no friends, then this is yours.

You will be empowered when you look at the pentacle
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