Making a Portable Altar Kit


Things that represent the four elements
Anything for your rituals
Container (a box, a bag, etc.)
A piece of cloth


Making these are useful for witches who travel a lot. You can also make these for your witch fellows as gifts.

Spell Casting

The first thing you'll need to do is decide what items you want to include in your portable altar. Some people like to put in every single magical tool they own, five different decks of Tarot cards, and their entire gemstone collection, but I've found that simple is usually better. In fact, if you keep just four items in there, you've probably got it made -- and those are the ones associated with the four classical elements.

If your tradition requires you to use other items, you can add those as well. Some things you might want to include in your altar kit are:

A crystal
Tarot cards
A small statue representing deity
A bell

Finally, add a piece of fabric to use as an altar cloth. It doesn't have to be big, just large enough to spread all of your tools on, so you can perform a working anywhere you may be.

You'll need to decide whether you want to use a box or a bag. If you plan to carry your altar kit on a plane, backpack, purse or other place where space is at a premium, go with a bag. If it's something you're going to keep in your home, or maybe take over to a friend's, you can probably use a box.

The great thing about a bag that enhances portability is that your bag can double as an altar cloth. To make a circular piece of material into a carrying bag, simply stitch a 1/2 hem around the edge of the circle, and run a cord through it. Knot the cord at the ends, and then when you pull it tight you'll have a drawstring bag that unfolds into a round altar cloth.

If you want to use a box, great -- there are tons to choose from. You can get a plain wooden one from a craft store and paint it or decorate it. You could use an old cigar box and cover it with fabric and embellishments, or you can buy a pre-made carved or decorated box from one of the thousands of retailers who specialize in metaphysical gifts.
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