How to Remove a Curse or Hex


2 white candles
cleansing herbs (such as hyssop & rue)


Have you been having bad luck? Think your cursed or hexed? Then this spell will remove that from you plus it will also cleanse you.

Spell Casting

Heat the hyssop and rue (or whatever "cleansing herbs" you are using) in the oil. Stir. This is putting the occult properties of the herbs into the oil. Set this "herbal oil" aside to anoint the candles later.

Put some of your cleansing herbs into a pot of water. Bring to a boil, and remove the heat. Allow the herbs to steep in the water for about 15 minutes. This creates a sort of "tea" for the cleansing bath. Strain. Pour the water into a large bowl and take to the bathroom.

Run a bath. Get into the bath. Take the bowl of water with the herbal water, and pour this mixture over your head while focusing on all bad luck being washed away. Take the bowl, scoop up some water from the tub and pour over your head again while focusing on cleansing. You may repeat this 13 times, or however many times that you feel comfortable.

Recite some sort of cleansing prayer. Many folks like to use the 37th Psalm. If you are pagan, then you can recite a prayer to your deities, or a simple statement of intent may be used.

Wash from your neck down to your feet while focusing on removing any bad luck. You may visualize this as black energy, which you are washing away. Begin at your neck or your head, and wash "down" your body--ending at your feet--while focusing on removing all curses or negativity. Get out of the bath. This was your cleansing bath to remove negative energy. Some of the bath water may be taken outside and pitched out toward the east with a statement of intent. Do not towel dry. You should always air dry.

Anoint the 2 white candles with your magickal oil from the base to the wick. Light them. Again, recite your cleansing prayer. Focus on removing the curse while the candles burn.

And it's that simple! A bath spell combined with candle burning magick. If you are doing this only one night, then you can let the candles burn all the way down. If you will be repeating this spell for a number of nights (many folks like to do this 13 nights in a row, or for a week, etc), then snuff the candles so you can burn them some more the next night. Spiritual bath and candle burning. This is very powerful, and very simple. This is the traditional and main method for curse removal in Hoodoo tradition.

All credit goes to Taliesin McKnight
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