Spring Money Spell


Candles: Orange, Green, Gold
Oils: Oak, Holly, Honeysuckle


This spell is to be cast in the Spring near the spring equinox.

Spell Casting

Spring Abundance Ritual

Goddess: Gaia - abundance, affection, agriculture, blessings, calm, cycles, dedication/devotion, divination, energy, enlightenment, fertility, grounding, growth, healing, life, love, marriage, nurture (to provide/ to receive), prophecy, rebirth/renewal, weather, well-being, wisdome

God: Cernunnos - abundance, animals, astral realm, balance, beginnings, business, crossroads (to recognise and use), death, deceit (to recognise/ use), desire, knowledge, virility, love, luck, magic, money, underworld, prosperity, rebirth/renewal, sex, strength, transformation, wealth, witchcraft

Colors: Orange - 8 days Green - 7 days Gold - 6 days

Oils : Oak on Orange candle Holly on Green candle Honeysuckle on Gold candle

Time of day: dawn

Time of year: Spring

Will cast May 21 - May 29th of 2014

Be sure to light the Orange candle on the first day of casting by its self. It will be burned for 8 days. On the second day of casting light both the orange and green candles. On the third day of casting light all three candles. The total spell length is 8 days. The number of days the candle is burned corresponds to abundance as well as the oils being used and the Goddess/God being envoked. This whole spell is about acquiring money specifically.
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